Painting the world around me with my unique style.

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Welcome to the official website of Artist Armando Renteria. I have a unique and colorful style, my process is to organically begin a painting without exactly knowing what the final outcome will be. The painting is created from a place of complete zen and by allowing the paints and brush strokes to dictate the outcome.

Armando Renteria Original Artwork
After the initial layout is set, I go back and enhance the colors and shapes to what my subconscious is moving me towards. When the piece is entirely done, the painting’s story naturally takes place then the writing exploration can begin. When I complete a painting and I can’t write about it I leave it untitled, it will most likely be because the real story is too emotionally tough or too personal to put into words. Thank you for looking around don’t miss my awesome deals on eBay.

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Thank you for looking around! Don't miss my eBay art deals.