150 Positive Thoughts 

I read these every morning before leaving the house.

By Armando Renteria — Artist

  1. Well mannered.
  2. Study and Research.
  3. Work Hard And Smart.
  4. Never a victim always a do’er.
  5. Hard work is a mark of honor.
  6. Take Massive Action.
  7. Think it, then Plan it, then do it.
  8. Be Self Reliant.
  9. Be A Reader.
  10. Understand yourself.
  11. Be in Love with Setting Goals.
  12. Embrace Challenges.
  13. Always Review your plan.
  14. Be a Person of Action.
  15. Plan to Win at Everything.
  16. Be In the Game.
  17. Fight the Good Fight.
  18. Always do your Best.
  19. It’s Ok to Want it All.
  20. Commit to Doing More.
  21. This is my one Life my Choice.
  22. Talk Confident Strong in Control.
  23. Quiet Self Reliance.
  24. I’m a Tough Person.
  25. I don’t Bitch, Moan, Whine, or Complain.
  26. I Step forward and take the challenge.
  27. I Act Decisive.
  28. I’m Intelligent Brave and Tested.
  29. Get Tough.
  30. Go Hardcore!
  31. Tear down walls.
  32. Dominate.
  33. Self discipline.
  34. Do Something Today.
  35. Do something 100 days in a Row.
  36. Focus Determined.
  37. Tell the world, out my way I’m going to be successful.
  38. Watch your thoughts they become your words.
  39. Watch Your words they become your habits.
  40. Watch your habits they become your character.
  41. Watch your Character it becomes your destiny.
  42. Watch your Destiny it becomes your legacy.
  43. Don’t be Reasonable.
  44. Work Unreasonably.
  45. You want good problems i.e. too many customers.
  46. Take Action.
  47. Achieve Extraordinary.
  48. Kick some Ass.
  49. People will think you’re Crazy – let them.
  50. Thank Lazy People, for they are making it easy.
  51. Start working more.
  52. Start learning more.
  53. Build a network.
  54. Most people avoid the harder part of the job.
  55. You do what they avoid.
  56. Ambition is Great.
  57. Always Be Doing.
  58. Be Networking.
  59. Focus.
  60. Self Reflective.
  61. Know the Next Steps.
  62. Be Determined and Persistent.
  63. Outwork them All.
  64. I am not Weak.
  65. People won’t like you and they will be resentful.
  66. Most people sit back and let you take the risks.
  67. Ignore the Sneers of the Scenics.
  68. When you Succeed others will be Jealous.
  69. Average People cannot stand Criticism.
  70. Winners Stand Out.
  71. Success will Demand your Toughness.
  72. Breathe Deep Accept This.
  73. Face the truth.
  74. Never Lie to Yourself.
  75. Stay Alert.
  76. Facts are the Facts.
  77. If you’re Lazy learn not to be.
  78. If you’re Mean be Nice.
  79. God gave me the power to do it.
  80. Successful People Can.
  81. Be a Great person.
  82. Be Authentic.
  83. Your Word Means Something.
  84. Be a Role Model.
  85. Walk the Talk.
  86. Be Solution Oriented.
  87. Self Confident.
  88. Smart Alert and Aware.
  89. Don’t Wallow in set Backs Plot Forward.
  90. Be Generous.
  91. Be Willing to Share.
  92. Be Forgiving.
  93. Stop Be Polite.
  94. Get over it and Move on.
  95. Have a sense of Humor.
  96. Complete your Mission.
  97. Separate the Urgent.
  98. Don’t Spread Rumors.
  99. Start taking tough Challenges.
  100. Be loyal.
  101. Be Self Reliant.
  102. Avoid complicating matters.
  103. Appreciate your Life.
  104. Be Grateful.
  105. Put Others First.
  106. Exercise.
  107. Defend those in Need.
  108. Love yourself.
  109. Be a Role model.
  110. Stop take a deep breathe.
  111. Don’t get slowed down.
  112. Snap out of it.
  113. Be tough on yourself.
  114. Be Uncomfortable.
  115. Force yourself to make it hard.
  116. Climb out of the Rut.
  117. Take 20 minutes of Quiet Time.
  118. Get back to the Best You.
  119. Be Honest to Yourself.
  120. Make a Todo list every night.
  121. Be Powerful.
  122. Do it all by noon.
  123. Average people are not ambitious.
  124. Same day Turnarounds.
  125. Eat Right and Healthy.
  126. Read your Mission Statement.
  127. Challenge Yourself.
  128. Average People Stress Out.
  129. I will be Powerful.
  130. I Am Positive.
  131. Brainwash Yourself into Positive Thinking.
  132. Average Person Works Half The Time.
  133. Spoil Those You Love.
  134. Companies don’t take care of you.
  135. Parents don’t take care of you.
  136. Cover your own Ass.
  137. Cover your own Future.
  138. Average workers have lousy lives.
  139. Be Resourceful.
  140. Starting Right Now Fight For Your Career.
  141. Be Tough.
  142. Yes I Can.
  143. Choose to Succeed.
  144. Be a Millionaire.
  145. Become Rich Yourself.
  146. Make Money from Day One.
  147. Find Great Deals.
  148. Save your Extra Money to Invest.
  149. Don’t be tempted to be average.
  150. Be Awesome and Dominate.

Armando Renteria — Artist 

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