Artist Armando Renteria

Artist Armando Renteria is a fine artist and overall visual designer from Whittier, California

1979 – My Mom decided there would be a better life in the United States of America for her. She met my dad and quickly left him after realizing that he was not serious about becoming a dad. She then went back to Tijuana, Mexico for a couple of months. When she was 8 months pregnant, she decided to cross the border with an uncle of hers. They spent a cold night on the hills to avoid “La Migra”. After making it to a safe place, my mom’s friend let her stay with her in Los Angeles until I was born.

  • January 1980

    – Born Armando Francisco Renteria in Los Angeles, California

  • 1980

    – My mom, 1 month after giving birth to me was not able to find work and decided to move back to Tijuana, Mexico

  • 1985

    – In Tijuana, Mexico, at the age of five, I began school and took two buses to and from school. While traveling, I studied people, buildings, cars, and the occasional rainfall. I paid attention to the smallest details and the constant movement of life. This concentration and observation aided my eventual transition into drawing and painting. My mom also met Francisco Gomez who later became my step dad.

  • 1987

    – My step dad worked for a year in the U.S. and saved enough money for my mom, sister and I to move to Whittier, California. At seven, I drew every day.

  • 1990

    – At the young age of ten, I was encouraged (and pushed!) to draw and dream big by my best friend, David. I drew at school and was encouraged to continue taking drawing classes all the way into middle school.

  • 1994

    – Attended high school where I painted school murals on campus, sparking a desire to consider continuing my education with a major in Fine Art.

  • 1998

    – Was nominated the official “Senior class Artist of California High School” in Whittier, CA. I also competed and won the school’s chalk art festival event.

  • 1999

    – Married my beautiful wife, Vanessa Renteria.

  • 2000

    – My wife gave birth to my first child, Janis Renteria. Enrolled in Brooks College in Long Beach, California, majoring in Fine Art and Graphic Design.

  • 2001

    – Began employment with ABB Labels in Los Angeles, designing package labels and a wide variety of stickers

  • 2002

    – Received my Associate Degree in Fine Art and Multimedia Design

  • 2004

    – Began working at AT&T Interactive in Anaheim Hills, CA, where I did website development. Soon after starting, I became the manager of the Website Design Department.

  • 2007

    – My wife gave birth to my second child, Jordan Renteria. Held a solo art exhibition in Ontario, CA, displaying large air brushed pieces.

  • 2011

    – Participated in the Pasadena Chalk Festival, which is the world’s largest chalk art festival.

  • 2017

    – To this day, I continue to work as a Artist Armando Renteria and overall visual designer from Whittier, California.

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