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Plein Air Painting in Palos Verdes

My family and I hiked over to the Palos Verdes trails next to the Donald Trump Golf Course and began my very first Plein air painting experience. I got down to the shore and started right away. I had about 2 hours of sunlight and needed every minute of it.

Here is where I got set-up.

So with my oil paints and turpentine I began since I was fighting the sunset.

I started with a little bit of paint to kinda draw out where things were at in the space.

Here is more progress.

So I really wanted to capture the open sky and then i focused on truly representing the water vs land dynamic I witnessed.

I was going pretty fast to really capture the moment. keep in mind i had never done any painting outdoor so it was weird to have to give up some of the controls that come with being indoors.

So the above image is how far I got in the hour or so I was there.

Below is the painting back in my studio(living room) I almost considered leaving it as is to truly represent that experience of plein air painting, but i didn’t i still felt i could get more out of it. well instead of going back to the location I began working more layers of paint into it the following day.

Next day progress.

I added some details with the palette knife.

and more close ups

I took these images at night, better images are below.

Some yellowing on these images but not on the painting.

TADA! Done!

It was a great experience and I will be going back again for sure. If you like this painting and are interested in purchasing please visit my website to purchase.

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