Armando is an up and comer in the world of art!

Anyone who wants some custom artwork done, get in touch with my friend. You want something more specialized – Chicano artwork? Get in touch with Armando. Take my word – Armando is an up and comer in the world of art. His pieces will be worth FAR more than you’ll invest upfront. I have a lot of friends, many of whom are lovers of art. Reach out.

Dewey Fisher


From a sweet thought to a striking piece of art . . .

I had a dreamy idea for a painting, poster, or some type of artwork to commemorate my late mother as I wanted to remember her. I spoke with Armando about my ideas, my memories, my mother. He listened, took notes, and listened some more. He asked me questions, and listened some more. He then created an oil painting that captures my mother and her spirit exactly as I see her. Armando combined artistic ability with empathy and created artwork which will forever hang in my home.

Annie Murphy


Incredibly Distinctive!

Great depth of brush stroke and determined artistic style – stands out and I love it! Very much enjoy my purchases and seeing the new additions. Keep up the great work 🙂



Amazing Art!

I have been a collector of Armando Renteria’s art for over a year. When I have taken the pieces in for framing I have received raves from the framers and interest in where I was able to obtain such unique and inspiring art. I am a huge fan and will continue to look forward to future pieces to add to my collection!

Patti C.