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Congratulations Armandoartist you win, “Best Art of the Day!”

Congratulations Armandoartist you win, “Best Art of the Day!”

Armando Renteria Art Desktop Wallpaper

During the summer of 2014 I was featured in this artist portfolio website. Here is the beautiful write up did.

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Green is always a colour I have associated with healing.

To this end I often wonder whose face that is staring in the painting. Is it different people or are they all one and the same? I see different shades of expression; reflection, despondence, boredom, calm and a sense of looking up to the world, looking forward with optimism.

The human being is a funny old thing; It’s moods and emotions often appear for reasons unknowing to us and it is fair to say that we can often be unknowing of ourselves.

The countless times I have had unexplained disproportionate irritability to minor things that normally wouldn’t bother me only to realize I’d smoked a cigarette socially the night before and was experiencing withdrawal is an example of this in me. The funniest thing would be the rationalizations I would attempt to produce to explain my anger (until I figured it out) and how nonsensical they would be when viewed in my normal context.

Another example are people who confabulate. Occasional patients I’ve met who’ve destroyed their ability to form new memories and are thus stuck in a personal time loop of their existence that repeats endlessly until their death. They usually need to be managed in care-homes so as not to self neglect or come to harm.

These people do not realize they’ve lost that ability to form new memories so when asked any questions that expose this fact they will often make up answers that work around the problem so it makes sense to them. They create a circular reality for themselves.

I guess the point I’m making is that human identity is in many ways arbitrary to a host of factors outside of your control. This painting reminds me that no matter what direction the faces stare in; inwards or outwards, they reveal nothing more about the emotions other than the emotions themselves and thus through introspection alone one only sees oneself inside a box.

This is a piece which I have not had the pleasure of chatting with the artist about. However I would like to simply to understand what motivated him to make this piece. Certainly it is eye catching and effective and with a little context it’s intended meaning may be less elusive to me.

I can only speculate it’s meaning but it has held my aesthetic attention for so long and I compliment Armando Renteria a.k.a’s armandoartist, the fine artist responsible for creating it.

Although he works in a few different styles we find this particular one to be Armando’s most unique and original and going through his wonderful portfolio on we feel this is very much a signature piece.

We are thus delighted to present it to you today for your enjoyment and hope you take the time to return to and explore the ongoing journey of this talented artist!

Congratulations Armandoartist you win, “Best Art of the Day!”

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