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Current Exhibition The Whole 9 Gallery Culver City California
This series contains four paintings “Hope”, “Journey”, “Unrest”, and “Fear”. “The Artist Way” is a series that came about from living the art life 100 percent. Artist, Armando Renteria, has been painting his whole life, but only a year ago decided to go full time at the tender age of 35. With that decision came a lot of sacrifices by him, his family, and friends. Although, there has been many ups and a few downs, it’s the togetherness and his tough minded family that has allowed Armando to keep fighting toward his goals. The colors used in this series are those of a dream connecting with reality. Look for hidden imagery which will help explain each piece at a deeper level.

The Creative Process Artist, Armando Renteria, organically begins the painting without exactly knowing what the final outcome will be. The painting is created from a place of complete zen and by allowing the paints and brush strokes to dictate the outcome. After the initial layout is set, Armando goes back and enhances the colors and shapes to what his inner subconscious is moving him to create. When the piece is entirely done, the messages and the story naturally take place. The writing exploration and painting can now be explained. When a painting goes untitled, it will most likely be because the real story is too emotionally hard to put into words.
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